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Marcin Wielgus

Senior Software Engineer
Marcin Wielgus is a Senior Software Engineer at Google. Marcin joined the internet search giant in 2010 and since then he has been working on various projects, ranging from Android applications to recommendation engines. He started contributing to Kuberentes more than 3 years ago and currently he is a Tech Lead of the Kubernetes Autoscaling team.

Marcin Wielgus 在谷歌担任高级软件工程师。Marcin 于 2010 年加入互联网搜索巨头,此后一直从事于 Android 应用程序和推荐引擎等各类项目。他参与 Kuberentes 项目已超过 3 年,目前担任 Kubernetes Autoscaling 团队的技术总监。